Customized Desalination Pretreatment Solutions


Customized Solutions for Your Specific Water Condition

Leopold® desalination pretreatment systems utilize two water treatment technologies that are customized to your specific raw seawater conditions to maximize protection for your RO membranes. Our desalination pretreatment systems:

Remove harmful algae blooms (HAB/red tide)

Remove TSS

Remove free oil

Remove color

Remove organics

Achieve low SDI, consistently <3.0

Select from the following configurations below to learn how Leopold desalination pretreatment systems are customized for optimal RO membrane protection.

Single FilterWorx Desalination Train

Two-Stage FilterWorx Desalination Train

Clari-DAF and FilterWorx Desalination Train

Single Clari-DAF Desalination Train

Leopold® Desalination Pretreatment Systems for RO Membranes Features & Benefits

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