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Are Computers Causing Us to Lose Our Peripheral Vision?

There's an article in the latest edition of AdAge/BtoB ( admonishing B2B marketers that they can't sell if they can't tell a story. Looks interesting. I'll read it and maybe share a comment here.

But seeing the title and scanning the story's content, it seems to be a basic concept that sometimes gets lost in the early 21st century, gee-wow technology and new channels available to us in marketing communications.

Another is losing our peripheral vision when it comes to creating print ads and print collateral.

By that I mean, we all use computers. We all peer into that illuminated rectangle, and that's the world we're living in as we write copy and prepare layouts. Do we step back and evaluate what we're doing? Where we are?

Walk into a room, and the sense of where you are is affected by everything around your field of vision. You orient yourself not only by what's in front of you visually, but also by what's to your left, what's to your right, what's above you, and what's at your feet. Your focus is on what's just in front of you, but your vision is actually about 180 degrees. In fact, your sense of where you are is more than 180 degrees. Most of us appreciate our orientation by moving our heads (and our gaze) left and right, up and down. We might even move our bodies to look over our left or right shoulder.

We're taking it all in.

So what does this have to do with writing copy and preparing layouts for print ads and print collateral?

Come back in a couple of days and I'll close the loop on my thesis.

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