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What Allerton Marketing Communications Inc does for clients.
How Allerton Marketing Communications Inc works for clients.
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Allerton Marketing Communications Inc. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based creative services firm providing consulting, copy writing, design, and production services to some of the most globally recognized B-to-B / industrial, CPG, and retail brands. We help our clients effectively reach their audiences to gain awareness, build interest, inform, persuade, and motivate to take action.

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We’re a third-generation company that is deeply committed to serving our clients' needs. We invest ourselves in their success by developing a thorough understanding of their products, services, and audiences. As a result, we provide a level of thinking that meets—and exceeds—our clients' objectives and expectations.

This type of service is possible because of our structure and culture. We’re small. We're efficient. We’re focused. We pay close attention to detail. And everything we do serves to elevate our clients and their brands.

Back What We Do

We provide a wide variety of products and services to meet virtually any and all marketing communications needs. We take an integrated approach to marketing communications in order to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ programs, always with an eye to elevating and advancing their brands.

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  • Master marketing communications plan
  • Annual program
  • Campaign
  • Single project
  • New product/service


  • Benchmark awareness
  • Post-test awareness
  • New product
  • Media
  • Attitude
  • Program audits
  • Knowledge/attitudes/practices


  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Outdoor
  • Website

Sales Promotion

  • Point-of-sale
  • Couponing
  • FSIs
  • Sweepstakes/contests
  • On-pack
  • Recipe books, booklets, cards

Collateral Materials

  • Direct mail
  • Product brochures
  • Capabilities brochures
  • Application/product/technology briefs
  • Technical literature
  • Instruction manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Plant and facilities presentations
  • Specification and data sheets
  • Training manuals
  • Training videos
  • Interactive CDs
  • Interactive presentations
  • Product & system animations

Web Media

  • Web sites - Web design, GUI design, wireframing, content development, search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media presence
  • Button ads & banner ads
  • Email blasts
  • News feeds
  • RSS feeds
  • Podcasts

Sales and Training Presentations

  • Sales meeting programs
  • Individual or group sales presentations
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Computer-based training


  • Logos
  • Corporate identity programs
  • Signage/large format graphics
  • Package design and development
  • Trade shows and exhibits
  • Advertising specialities


We can meet any and all client marketing communications needs . . . from market research and planning through creative execution and production.
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Market Research

  • Initiate, design, supervise, and analyze primary research projects commissioned to various research firms or consultants
  • Gather and analyze secondary research information from sources such as media, trade associations, government, private studies, and other internal services
  • Prepare reports as input and guidance to client and/or agency functions

Program and Project Planning

  • Develop objectives, strategies, and costs for specific communications to support client objectives

Public / Media Relations

  • Plan and implement complete programs
  • Conduct communications audits, situation analysis, planning, production, and distribution for product, personnel, financial, and corporate public / media relations
  • Coordinate with media editors
  • Provide ongoing editorial contact


  • Develop creative strategies
  • Prepare client messages in appropriate form through research, writing, art, and production services
  • Research - gather and analyze background, data, visual reference, and other resources applicable to completing and assignment
  • Copy Writing - organize information and write copy, coordinate creative development with art department
  • Art - develop visualizations through layout design and production; art direct illustration, photography, and composition; collect and prep output for production
  • Production - prepare cost estimates; select and supervise graphic suppliers; coordinate production of assignment to meet deadlines

Print Media

  • Identify and research audiences and the appropriate media for reaching them
  • Prepare insertion, placement, and change orders

Master Planning

Develop master marketing communications plan based on the client's

  • Corporate objectives
  • Marketing objectives
  • Products/services
  • Market position
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Market share
  • Structure
  • Audiences and their accessibility
  • Competition
  • Distribution
  • Past and current practices
  • Pricing

Web Media

  • Website strategy and content management
  • Social media strategy and content management
  • Identify and research audiences and the appropriate media for reaching them
  • Prepare insertion, placement, and change orders
Back How We Work

Allerton Marketing Communications Inc. undertakes assignments through a systematic process designed for flexible, effective response as well as for input and interpretation at every stage of development.

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Need Identification

Typically, a job starts when a client need is identified and discussed between the client and an Allerton Marketing Communications representative. At this time job parameters such as objectives, audiences, costs, timing, and available copy and graphic sources are determined.

Information Gathering

Initial information available for the assignment is gathered prior to the initiation of creative work.

Creative Planning

The first step in the creative process is a discussion of the assignment in a creative planning session. The size and composition of the planning group varies with the nature of the assignment. A typical group consists of the account manager, copywriter, graphic designer, and production manager. Additional information gathering and research follow. The source material is organized and copy writing begins, often with a collaborative session between the copywriter and graphic designer.

Copy Writing

Copy writing begins only after most or all relevant information on the subject is available for consideration. The copywriter may develop a headline/copy outline or a complete draft, depending on the information available and the complexity of the assignment.


Using the copy as a blueprint, the graphic designer interprets the message visually in the form of a layout or storyboard to show how the end product will look and to provide a basis for cost estimating.

Production Cost Estimating

Accurate production cost estimating takes into account all costs involved in producing the final product. Competitive bidding is employed to ensure the job is produced at the lowest possible cost.

Media Research and Selection

Once specifications for space advertising are known, audience and cost research are conducted, and media recommendations are developed and presented to the client.

Client Approval

Copy, layout, cost estimate, and production scheduling — all are presented to the client for review and approval before proceeding with production. Necessary revisions are made and reviewed with the client until the assignment is approved for production based upon specifications.


Actual production begins only after the client has approved copy, layout, and costs for the assignment. Then, any required illustration, photography, and digital files are completed. Work developed to this point is reviewed by the client before final production. Approval of proofs and betas are obtained before production is finalized.


This step involves the packing and shipping of printed materials, the preparation and transmission of production orders, and shipment of materials or digital files to media.


Ideally, each assignment should have a measurable communications objective agreed upon by the client and Allerton Marketing Communications prior to its initiation. Performance against that objective can be researched and evaluated. Information received from these evaluations can be invaluable in improving the performance of subsequent communications projects. We encourage all clients to budget for evaluation of results based on predetermined and measurable marketing communications objectives.